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Damian McKenzie Fantasy Rugby Draft Review

Super Rugby 2017 Fantasy Rugby Draft Review

September 29, 2017

Mismatches, Damian McKenzie and an incredibly awkward draw, particularly during the finals, were the lasting impressions of the 2017 Super Rugby Fantasy Rugby Draft season. Perhaps even more than last year, managers were rewarded for stacking their team against certain opposition. However, if you followed this strategy through to the final your luck ran out

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Best Draft Position in Fantasy Rugby

What is the Best Draft Position in Fantasy Rugby?

February 27, 2017

Ever wondered what the best draft position in Fantasy Rugby is? It’s first, right? Well, not necessarily. Here’s a quick explanation of how drafting works in Fantasy Rugby Draft. If doing an online draft, the order is determined randomly. This is often disputed due the propensity for the League Commissioner to get first pick seemingly

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